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An Interview with neologic of CZert


How many people are in CZert?

I noticed you guys seem to only hack your local domains,

Are there any laws against hacking in the Czech Republic & Slovakia?

I see. Anyone ever get in any trouble?

You guys ever hack anything outside of .cz/.sk?

So is there any real reason why you guys do it? did you ever think of yourselfs as rebels against commercialization of the internet?

noble enough :) So you guys work together on them?

Standard sendmail/nfs type stuff?

Which bug was this?



Yeah, most of them seem to do it for a reputation.. You guys seem to do it for the fun of it.


Who designed the awesome CZert demon?

Oh, I thought it was just a play on words, "czech cert"

My personal favorite hack is NetLab

I understand bits and peices of them.. mainly by guessing and limited polish knowledge :) The pictures describe enough


nope. initially from Then I found an archive of hacked websites with czert in em

not at all. most "hakcers" I've spoken to are usually pretty egotistical, and hack mainly to get reputations and impress people. Only a few do it for a cause, and some do it for fun.

quite a few :)

how long do you guys usually wait between the time you hack it and the time you edit it?


So why ---.---.--? any reason?


well, theres was more of a post of their manifesto, not an interview.

ouch. nod... One last question, What's your favorite OS? :)

among hackers, yes. I myself am a FreeBSD person. well, for running servers with anyways. though I do administer two linux servers

So you have anything else to say? :)

okay, thanks for the interview