This site is now owned by the Digital Yakuza! Under new ownership
This place has the shittiest security I have ever seen on a government site. Not to mention I found quiet a few employees here with very large subdirectories of X-rated graphics. Is this where our tax dollars go? Money into hardrives that store smut.

You need to secure your NFS mounts so that they are not mountible by just anybody.
You need to get some new updated NIS patches.
You need to add passwords to your SGIs.
You need some real sysadmins.

I hope I have brought this all to your attention clearly enough. I could have crashed many of your networks, not only me, but anybody with half a brain.

You scientists have really boring email. Though some of it was funny.
I got lots of info from some of it. Thanks :)

I would probably leave greetings to all my pals on this page, but I don't think they
would want me to. You guys know who you are.
Friends in NY, CA and Texas.

Oh, I might as well put my 2 cents in....
The people in #hack can go fuck their mothers.
All my little friends on AOL will grow up and take over the world >=)
Its prophecy. I think it was in the bible or something like that.

I would very much like to convey my deep hate for law enforcement
I hate you all! You all suck! I get so much shit from you people when I am just walking in
my own backyard or down a street.

The Digital Yakuza is now going monitor you.
We won't damage a thing, we are going to just make sure you are all doing your jobs.

Why is it a crime to break into a system? For instance.. This web server....
I didn't damage it, I just added about maybe 40k of disk usage.
You people only pull this kind of shit because we embarrass you, and since
you have the power to make laws, you let your own personal feelings
get in the way of justice. I hardly think people like Kevin Poulsen deserve
the jail time he faces, and the same with Mitnick or anybody else.
They never hurt anybody or killed anybody.
Yet people get out of jail for murder every day.
You should be hiring people like Mitnick and Poulsen for security.
You have tons of Asia and European countries who currently have task
forces of hackers to peek into American systems. In order to keep
systems safe, you better fight fire with fire.

Free Kevin Poulsen!

Ok, now I will shut up.