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Are you involved in Electronic Commerce as a user, consultant or business provider? Are you considering potential benefits in this new exciting area for your company?

Then it may be a good idea to get in touch with us. We are an expert information technology company from Prague. We are the Czech based company specialized in EDI SECURITY and we developed an excellent application called EDISEC.

We provide complete solutions for our customers from various parts of industry, finance and government sector. We are everywhere, where the reliable, secure and standard data exchange is needed.

Our company is young, but we did a lot of work. We developed our own solution for MS Windows platform and we cooperate with our partners on solutions for UNIX platforms.

Very early we recognized need for EDI security, so we developed our own security module based on EDIFACT security standards.

We built X.400 MHS based on world leading products of ISOCOR company.

We also built EDI systems based on world leading products of Sterling Software company.

Contact us on the address:

EDITEL CZ a.s., Pod pramenem 3, PRAGUE 4, CZECH REPUBLIC
TEL: +42 2 6121 9390, FAX: +42 2 42 13 68
E-MAIL: tmartoch@editel.mail602.cz

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