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..vojenska policie zjistila nove prekvapujici fakty tykajici se hacknuti serveru armady CR:

CzERT Goes to Hollywood !!

"..a vic uz o tech hackerech z CzERTu nevim pane poruciku, jenom ze se chystaji udelat karieru v Hollywoode. A pokud jde o vasi blizkou budoucnost, tak mi date dvacet korun a odjedete zadnim vychodem..."

Comming soon to theaters near you : A new film titled 'CzERTrek - The First Contact', starring Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes. The movie is about careless commercial companies, trying to make quick profit on the highly commercialized Internet, ignoring UNIX security, exploiting network bandwith and filling WWW with shitty commercial advertisements. CzERTrek starship Enterprise attacks them and.... and we will not tell you more, becaue you have to watch it yourself !!

Come and sign our CzERT Guestbook !

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