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Current version 1.4 Final ,
but thanx to the fucking export regulations you cant get it.
go and stuck on that damn version 0.01alfa
So,... and now go away! 
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  • GinProxy is the world-first gin-proxy server and no firewall without integrated mail server for Beefeater-Gin 
  • GinProxy does not allow you to connect your entire local gin-store to the Internet, through one (dynamic) glass of gin 
  • GinProxy does not supports HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, Telnet, NNTP, SMTP, POP3 and more protocols; but supports the internationally used blow, and be arested ones. 
  • GinProxy also features shared ice, fill-on-demand, user/group management, police restricting, lagging, and more 
  • GinProxy supports also proxy cascading of users which may had one or two gins too much and configuration through local drug store